Protecting companies with True Fingerprints’ Cloud AI Background Screening

The estimated loss that US Businesses pay each year due to Employee Fraud, is up to $50 Billion… 75% of employees have admitted that they’ve stolen from an Employer… 34% of all Employment Thefts are caused by College Graduates…. 

Background employment screening is becoming one of the most valuable processes for any company in growth. The job of HR officers is continuously evolving and tech solutions are always a secure choice to lean on. Taking into consideration the interviewing and employment processes, including pre-screening, in-person interviews, and background checks, the opportunity for making the wrong hiring choice is always there.

Based on the latest cutting-edge technologies, Keitaro delivered a platform that will facilitate and accelerate the screening process many steps ahead. TrueFingerprints is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform where employers, financial companies, landlords, are able to conduct either a one-time background check or a monthly screening package of employees, credit applicants, or property lessee. 


The ultimate goal of this project is to facilitate the process of background checks, in both ways as B2B as well as B2C. It provides data, which helps companies and organizations to provide resources on time, get notifications if something is changed, and proceed with their operations further. 

The goal of the platform is to reduce the time to hire a new candidate and ensure a positive candidate experience. 

While collecting data about the potential candidate, an HR professional has to review the data and ensure that he/she is the perfect match for the company. Reviewing an individual’s data can be time-consuming, taking into consideration that often there are many candidates applying for numerous open positions. 

Background screening improves the quality of hires while protecting the reputation of the company. Thorough background screening is critical to making an informed decision. As industries continue to grow, HR professionals will be required to perform at an even quicker pace. Therefore, True Fingerprints supports human resources departments at its best. 

Our Contribution

Keitaro delivered an exceptional platform built from scratch, by setting focus on the security of the data stored in the system. 

The core of the product consists of the platform engine that is responsible for gathering the data from third-party data providers, the Funnel flow. Over there, users are converted to members of the platform, and the membership panel where clients have an overview of the status of the subjects, and can manage the subjects. The engine is the part that provides an opportunity for the usage of the services. It provides an overview of the most relevant data and export data for further review.

The radar is the functionality that provides an opportunity for the clients to monitor the subjects. The Radar service from True Fingerprints is a 24/7 constant monitoring service that informs the clients if something new has come up from their list of subjects. 

The platform offers an easy to use modern user interface (UI) design. It is based on the popular Bootstrap framework and supports all browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

Larger companies often choose to outsource the collection of relevant data about potential candidates for employment. This data includes addresses, previous employment information, education, and any criminal history. The platform provides two options for research and analysis of data for the clients.

With the one-time background check option, True Fingerprints help companies reduce the time to hire, ensure that selected candidates are fit to the company’s culture and values, but most importantly, protect the company. Collecting data about the potential employee and reviewing it manually can be time-consuming, especially for companies that deal with a lot of applications for different positions.

A monthly screening package, where clients pay a subscription service and the system continuously checks if any new record is associated with the employees they have added, and are immediately informed. The post-screening package ensures the company management that the right hiring decision was made, the selected candidates are a great fit for the positions, and improve the internal stability of the company. By using this option, managers can be sure that the company values and culture are well nurtured and respected. 

Conducting a background check on a job candidate ensures the safety of staff and the integrity of the company. A thorough background check may reveal that a candidate is not suitable for a specific position. Screening and evaluating an application is how employers are able to verify that an applicant is an adequate match for the company and the team. Combined with already relevant data and speaking to the applicant’s references, an HR officer can determine whether a candidate has the right personality to fit into the culture of the company. Employees who fit into the organization’s culture are more likely to succeed and stay with the company.

Choosing the right employee can sometimes mean avoiding millions of dollars in damages. 

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