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Understanding that the Telecom industry stands at the forefront of innovation, driven by the exponential growth of data and the need for transformative solutions, at Keitaro, we recognize the pivotal role that data analytics plays in reshaping the Telecom landscape. With a focus on empowering organizations with actionable insights, we’ve developed tailored solutions designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities within the Telecom sector.

Intro Into Data Analytics

Data analytics has emerged as a cornerstone of success for businesses across industries. By analyzing vast volumes of data, organizations can extract valuable insights, optimize operations, and drive strategic decision-making. With a mix of structured and unstructured data, historical and real-time streams, Telecom companies face the complex task of efficiently managing and analyzing their data to stay competitive in the market.

“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.”Peter Sondergaard, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Research at Gartner, Inc.

Traditional KPI monitoring and reporting methods rely on manual processes, whereas data analytics solutions are driven by algorithms. Leveraging these solutions enables organizations to optimize operations, swiftly respond to critical situations, enhance customer experiences through personalization, and boost overall productivity. These advantages can ultimately determine whether a business thrives or falls behind in today’s competitive landscape.

The most important steps in implementing a data analytics solution are: 

  1. Define: Try to understand and define the business problem or need your organization is trying to solve with data analytics  
  2. Collect: Collect and identify valid data that is relevant to your problem/need. If necessary, improve the quality of the data
  3. Prepare: If the data is brought from several data sources the data needs to go through a process of preparation so it can be easily and quickly accessed. 
  4. Analyze: Analyze the data to gain clearer insight, prepare better process understanding and start with designing a solution 
  5. Improve: Deploy the analytics solution and model and optimize your process efficiency. 
  6. Monitor and control: Experience the benefits of the new solution and create conditions for a long term use

The Challenge: Transforming Telecom with Data Analytics

With the widespread adoption of smartphones and mobile devices, the Telecom industry has witnessed a surge in data production. This growth necessitates the implementation of technologies that enable detailed data analytics. Data analytics holds immense potential for the telecom sector, enabling:

  • Enhanced security measures and improved customer experiences.
  • Increased profitability through heightened network quality and service offerings.
  • Analysis of call data to identify and address security threats and fraudulent activities promptly.
  • Rapid detection of critical situations and the ability to implement timely interventions.

In essence, data analytics serves as a catalyst for innovation and efficiency within the telecom industry, addressing a multitude of challenges and driving sustainable growth.

Our Contribution: Empowering the Telecom Industry with Tailored Data Analytics Portal

Data Analytics Portal-wf1

In 2019 after receiving a request from a Telecommunications organization to improve the performance of their already existing data analytics portal we assembled a team of our best software and DevOps engineers. 

Through a collaborative effort, we’ve developed a suite of tailored solutions designed to address the unique needs and challenges within the industry. Our solutions go beyond traditional analytics, providing users with advanced capabilities to optimize network performance, enhance customer experiences, and drive business growth.

Our mission: To enable easier and faster access to the data as well as to enhance the data presentation and the overall user experience.    

  • New architecture for a modular product: Our team helped in migration of the existing data analytics portal to a new architecture. We set a foundation for a modular product composed of front-end, middleware and microservices infrastructure thus improving the portal to the latest cutting-edge technologies.  
  • Greater stability: The new microservice architecture allows a smoother operation of the component parts and at the same time it reduces the lag time. By having all of the components of the system independent from each other we ensured greater stability, meaning the portal will always be available even if one of the components is temporarily unavailable or not functioning properly. 
  • Improved security: Additionally Keitaro upgraded the security to the latest technological standards ensuring that the solution is protected against unwanted data leakages making it safer than ever. 

The Solution: A robust system with multiple levels of data overview

Our solution provides multiple levels of data overview. By welcoming the users into a general dashboard, we enable them to get the high level information at first glance. Furthermore, with the multiple levels of navigation, users are enabled to search through the data based on multiple filters. 

The data is represented in multiple sub-sections, such as a map view and chart views.

Data Analytics Portal-wf2

Dive into the specifics

We understand that sometimes detailed overviews are crucial for the decision making process. That’s why the system allows users to dive into the details and inspect certain trends, within a selected time period, and filter by different types of stakeholders. This solution covered all of that, and ensured a way for fast resolution of issues through full visibility and control of network traffic.

Data Analytics Portal-wf5

Following the trends: Cross-referencing important Causes & KPIs

Global decisions require comprehensive analysis beyond a few metrics. The intricate Telecom sector demands a system capable of cross-referencing multiple KPIs across specific time frames and geographical regions, presented in the most user-friendly way possible. 

Identifying the root causes of success or failure, coupled with proprietary insights, culminates in crucial decision-making indicators: Trends. Through our solution, users can pinpoint the causes of registered issues for selected KPIs, unveiling trends. This timely and accurate data facilitates swift problem detection and resolution, ultimately enhancing subscriber quality and experience.

Data Analytics Portal-wf3
Data Analytics Portal-wf4

Explore Tailored Subscriber Insights

On a subscriber level, the system allows users to discover personalized insights, track key market trends, and utilize automated reporting features. Providing valuable analysis and insights into subscriber behavior, we’re empowering targeted marketing campaigns, personalized customer experiences, and effective retention strategies.

Data Analytics - Subscriber - wf6

Wrapping Up

Thanks to the upgrade implemented by our team, our solution now offers customers enhanced insights into key markets and the latest trends. Users can access the solution conveniently from virtually any mobile device, handset, or tablet, anytime and anywhere. Moreover, the user experience has been elevated with automated reporting, comprehensive analysis, and a deeper understanding of stakeholders’ behavior and tracking.

If you’re contemplating implementing a data analytics portal for your business, featuring an intuitive user interface, exceptional performance across various protocols, and advanced troubleshooting capabilities, reach out to us today. Our dedicated team is ready to transform your data into actionable insights, enabling timely and effective decision-making.