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  • Keitaro releases new SAML2 plugin for CKAN
    We just released ckanext-saml2auth, a new plugin for CKAN! This extension enables Single Sign On (SSO) for CKAN data portals via SAML2 Authentication. It works with CKAN 2.9+, and can…
  • SaaS starter pack (Part 3): Interacting with the microservices
    Despite the complexity of microservices, they are usually the ideal choice for complex applications. When you choose to build your application as a set of microservices, you need to decide…
  • Webinar: Speed and Agility of Innovation with Docker and Kubernetes
    Date: December 3rd, 7pm (CET) | Duration: 1 hour | Register here Docker and Kubernetes pave the way for running federated, scalable and redundant systems on the Cloud and on…
  • How to set up a CKAN portal with docker
    Introduction Having worked with CKAN for quite some time but also due to the nature of how robust and flexible CKAN is I decided to write a short step by…