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  • Architecture and systems design for real-time IoT applications
    Technology’s increasingly rapid evolution introduces fresh innovation in a short amount of time. Digital transformation is happening faster than ever and many businesses are obligated to adapt and keep up…
  • Linux and open-source in everyday life
    Introduction  When people read Linux and open-source software they usually have a misunderstanding, associating it with educational and experimental technology that cannot be used as a daily driver and it…
  • How to build a cloud-based SaaS application
    Cloud-based SaaS applications don’t require physical installation on your computer. The usage of cloud computing provides a number of advantages to SaaS solutions such as efficiency in terms of costs….
  • Report issues on a CKAN data portal with ckanext-issues
    This extension allows users to report issues with datasets in a CKAN instance. It helps users to contribute in maintaining the data portal, and allows administrators to quickly discover problems,…