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Let’s change the world together! Keitaro is a company where people work with each other and grow! Our collaborations with global organizations provide first-class open-source solutions that make a difference to the community and have a positive social impact.

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We became partners with Source Code Control Limited in February 2020 and have forged strong links developing an end-to-end strategy through open-source technologies.

Open-source software provides companies with the chance to accelerate innovation while keeping costs down. However, they must also ensure they comply with the rules of open-source licensing.

Our partnership with SCC brings together skills and expertise in providing leading open-source services, as well as security, risk management and cloud transformation. We believe that our joint effort will offer an outstanding customer experience across the domain of open-source technology. 

Founded in 2014 by Martin Callinan, Source Code Control has established itself as one of the few open-source and cloud transformation consultancy businesses, with a mission to minimize an organisation’s risk when dealing with open-source and cloud software.

Nosy Marketing works with companies in the tech industry to create digital marketing solutions which attract attention and increase sales. We became partners with them after our team worked on an open-source solution for one of their clients.

Nosy’s key services include web design, social media, branding and video production. They have chosen the tech niche, because (in their own words) “We believe that innovative technology companies will change the world for the better.” As such, we could see how a partnership between us could help support them in reaching that destination.

More recently, Nosy Marketing has also become the media partner of Code for Ethics, an open-source conference that Keitaro proudly supports and sponsors.

Flax & Teal is a consultancy focused on openly-licensed technologies, serving the public and private sector through web-based products and services in computational engineering, geospatial analysis and data science.

Flax & Teal builds tools for the private and public sectors including publicly-shared, reusable parts – these are often web platforms providing behind-the-scenes analysis of open data, geography and physics.

Since 2013 they have coordinated and driven a number of complex client projects across technologies. Flax & Teal has in-house experience supporting projects funded under EU and InnovateUK R&D frameworks; coordination of work packages involving training, software development, data analysis, focus groups and design. Their expertise is already proven in various industries such as health, enterprise, numerical simulation, engineering, journalism, public and education sectors, amongst others.

FOSSA, the world’s first Modern Open Source Management Platform.

Launched in 2018, FOSSA has established itself as the most reliable automated policy engine for legal teams to maintain license compliance, security to fix vulnerabilities, and engineering to improve code quality across the entire software supply chain.FOSSA implements the systems that serious companies need to build software effectively. Their innovation has been widely recognized by clients and investors across the globe, with investments raised to 30 million US dollars.

FOSSA provides a platform that helps enterprises manage and maximize open source use at scale. The company’s flagship product helps teams track the open source components used in their code and automate license scanning and compliance as well as identify vulnerabilities.

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