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Open-source services

We provide consulting services across leading open-source technologies, utilizing various models that follow our clients through every step of the way. We design and develop open-source solutions to empower companies, nonprofits and governments across the world.

CKAN Services

CKAN is a highly integrated data management system that makes data discoverable and accessible by providing tools to find, use, publish and share data. With our extensive CKAN experience, we can help and guide you to turn your data into action.

Cloud Native Services

Keitaro can design and develop cloud native solutions that drive business growth and deliver a competitive advantage. Our team strives to improve your productivity with services including DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Microservices, and Containers.

In-house Products

Enabler is a command-line interface (CLI) application built for making life easier when working on microservice-based applications.

Enabler can be used for any project with microservice architecture to:

  • Manage local Kubernetes clusters with kind
  • Have platform-based approach to system architecture
  • Work with HelmSkaffold and Istio in an integrated way
  • Manage Java-based microservices
  • Monitor performance and runtime with GrafanaKiali and Prometheus

Microkubes is a 100% open-source framework, for building applications by using microservices.

The framework works on any cloud, is easy to set up, and simple to use at any scale. It helps you to develop projects faster and easier than ever before. Its integrated development environment allows to set the focus on solving business problems instead of wiring services together.

Each microservice can be scaled without facing any performance issues. Microkubes has the capacity to handle increases in traffic intelligently.


  • The Power of CSS Grid Layout
    CSS Grid is a powerful layout system that allows you to design complex web layouts with ease. It provides a two-dimensional grid-based layout system, enabling you to create rows and columns for positioning and aligning elements within a webpage.
  • Self-hosting Plane: the Open-Source Jira Alternative
    Plane is an open-source ticket management tool, software application developed collaboratively by a community of developers and made available to the public for free and it is dubbed to be the open source alternative for Jira.
  • Effective UI/UX Design Principles for Front-End Developers
    Mastering UI/UX design principles is essential for front-end developers aiming to create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. By focusing on best practices in design and development, you can ensure your web applications not only look appealing but also provide a seamless user experience.
  • CKAN Data Visualization: Creating Compelling Insights
    Transforming Raw Data into Interactive Visualizations for Better Understanding.