Life Made Easier When Working with Microservices

Enabler is a command-line interface (CLI) application built for making life easier when working on microservice-based applications.

Every time a person comes on a project, they need to set up the right tools with the right versions, the right environment for development, the right configurations, etc. This is usually a problem and it’s time consuming, with the end result being that there are differences in tool versions, environments, or configurations, which can go unnoticed and cause issues (works for me syndrome). Enabler solves this problem by making sure that anyone can easily set up all the right tools, environments, and configurations through the use of an intuitive CLI.

Enabler can be used for any project with microservice architecture to:

  • Manage local Kubernetes clusters with kind
  • Have platform-based approach to system architecture
  • Work with Helm, Skaffold and Istio in an integrated way
  • Manage Java-based microservices
  • Monitor performance and runtime with Grafana, Kiali and Prometheus

Enhance Productivity

Enabler comes with a set of powerful tools to make working with microservice-based applications a breeze.

Enabler relies on Kubernetes, kind, Istio, Skaffold, Helm, Grafana, Kiali and Prometheus for a platform-based approach to systems with microservice architecture.

Top 5 Instant Benefits of Enabler

Enabler can improve the Developer Experience (DX) substantially.

Enabler makes project setup simple and keeps project complexity low.

With Enabler you can script the environment and workstation setup in its entirety.

Save 100s of hours spent on manual configuration and initial project setup.

Save 100s of hours spent on dependency-matching across environments.

Get Started with Enabler Today

Enabler is open-source software published under Apache License 2.0. We accept community contributions.

To download, visit GitHub or use pip install enabler to install from the Python Package Index.