Keitaro is a Linux and Open-source software company that develops solutions powering today’s companies across a number of industries.

Since our start in 2012, we have been committed to helping our customers in every step of their project, from start to finish and beyond.

While you focus on your business, we are here to do the “heavy lifting”, by developing solutions that can make a major impact on the way to achieving your goals. No matter if you just have an idea or a detailed specification, our team can help you.

We love to innovate, follow the market and stay on top of the latest trends and bleeding edge technologies. Our goal is to provide best-of-class services and deliver solutions that go beyond the customers’ expectations.

Our international team, based in Macedonia and Sweden, provides top-notch solutions.


We love what we do and we take a great sense of pride and joy in our work: from discussing technology and designing solutions, to the simple fix of a nasty software bug. Our passion for Linux and open-source defines and motivates us to create a unique customer experience and deliver outstanding software solutions.

Through continuous integration and deployment, we make sure that everything works in the best way possible.

We make sure to give back to the community, by investing our knowledge, time and resources to support the open-source community. Every member of Keitaro shares this passion and is committed to the values of openness and community.

Passion and expertise are not enough to secure a successful project, perseverance is what allows us to endure and go above and beyond the call of duty to successfully secure a projects’ completion.


Since our start, we’ve been at the front line of open-source technology, developing solutions that power today’s modern companies across a number of industries.

A successful project is built by a successful team. By creating an environment of collaboration and constantly investing in the growth of each individual, we are striving toward perfection.
The continuous perseverance of our team provides top notch solutions as: managed cloud services, open-source consultancy and modern apps delivery.

We like learning new skills and experimenting with technologies. Docker, Kubernetes, Python, CKAN, Golang, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, HTML and CSS are the top technologies we use.

We are proud of our proficiency in providing open-source and Linux-based software solutions, flexible technology, and quick innovation.

Our mission is continuous improvement and enrichment of our knowledge and expertise by creating unique customer experience and delivering outstanding software solutions.

Through commitment and perseverance, Keitaro can help you in every step of your project, from start to finish and beyond.



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Our core value is expertise, which we are continuously honing and upgrading in order to meet customers needs.

We follow the market and stay on top of latest trends and bleeding edge technologies.

Years of experience enable us to deliver exceptional solutions that result in acceleration of your business.

Internally, Keitaro promotes knowledge sharing and team & personal development. This major key principle, has enabled us to go beyond the limits.

Above all our driving force is perseverance, which moves us to push the limits and secure successful project completion.


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At Keitaro, we encourage respectful and meaningful conversations.

Our passion for Linux and open-source defines us.

We love what we do and deliver solutions with a great sense of pride and joy, even when we are discussing technology, design solutions or fix nasty software bugs.

We believe in lifelong learning. In the past 2 years our teammates have visited many conferences, had over 20 Kspresso presentations, and hosted 3 Hackathons.