We are excited to announce our newly established partnership with Flax & Teal

With the in-depth experience of Keitaro and Flax and Teal in the open-source world, this strategic partnership will open the door to bigger projects with greater impact to the open-source ecosystem. The alignment in our missions and the focus of both companies into open-source technologies will lead us into exploring new ideas,  challenges and mutual growth. 

Open-source is the core of Keitaro, providing consultancy services in a wide range of open-source technologies, using a variety of methodologies with one goal: to lead our customers step by step through the processes of development and deployment of open-source solutions. 

“By partnering with Flax & Teal we look forward to a long term mutual relationship. Our joint experience and knowledge will allow us to pull together the very best in Open Source technologies and by doing so we look forward to forging strong links in the UK, Ireland and Far East. We are very excited to push this partnership forward and look forward to working with Phil and Sarah in promoting Open Source Globally “, said Barrie Wade, Keitaro Business Development Manager for the UK, Ireland, Europe and APAC.

Founded in 2013 by Phil Weir, Flax & Teal have established themselves as the go-to provider for end to end open source data management and consultancy services in the public sector across the UK and Ireland. Flax & Teal builds bespoke tools for the private and public sectors including publicly-shared, reusable parts – often web platforms providing behind-the-scenes analysis of open data, geography and physics.

We look forward to embarking on an exciting new chapter in our relationship with Keitaro, jointly delivering data science and cloud infrastructure solutions in the Irish market – Keitaro’s history of digital transformation globally, and Flax & Teal’s expertise in emerging data challenges, form a perfect combination to bring the benefits of open technology to Irish customers across all sectors.”, added Phil Weir from Flax & Teal. 

At Keitaro, we are eager to see how the partnership develops for both sides. We recognized Flax & Teal’s performance-driven and entrepreneurial culture and it has proven successful in building and delivering high-quality solutions from their pipeline. We believe that this partnership will provide significant and long-term value to our customers.

Working hand-in-hand as one team, we will focus on using the potential of open-source technologies to reach our clients` goals and support our customers through the process of establishing their position in new markets and facing new challenges.

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