Kafka enthusiasts, we are happy to announce our collaboration with Middlecon AB for Apache Kafka training. 

Our expert Cvitan Grguricin will cover everything from introduction, to use cases and get you ready to start working with Kafka the day after the training. 

Apache Kafka is an event streaming platform. It is used in a lot of modern scenarios and industries in order to provide an asynchronous (publish/subscribe) type of reliable message delivery. Think of mobile devices, IoT, transactions, cloud services, social media, and any kind of live data streaming, Kafka is usually the best choice for that. It is the leading platform for many top companies when it comes to reliability, speed, live and on-the-fly handling, and ETL of data. 

This course will give you a basic understanding of Apache Kafka. It can be attended by anyone with or without previous knowledge of Kafka. You will learn what Kafka is, what are the best use cases for it, and what benefits it brings to the ecosystem with event streaming.

The course is scheduled for 24th to 26th January 2023, in Stockholm. The working language will be English and the price is 23,900 SEK. 

Buy online now here or contact us for more information and corporate pricing. 

Apache Kafka – Getting started Course Outline:

  1. Kafka Introduction
    1. Introduction and use cases
  2. Kafka Local Setup
    1. Kafka deployment strategies
    2. Hands-On Exercise: Install Kafka
  3. Kafka Basic Fundamentals
    1. Zookeeper
    2. Brokers and Clusters
    3. Topics
    4. Partitions
    5. Hands-On Exercise: Manage Partitions
    6. Producers
    7. Hands-On Exercise: Use Producers
    8. Consumer and Consumer Groups
    9. Consumers offset
    10. Hands-On Exercise: Use Consumers
  4. Schema-Registry
    1. Introduction and use cases
    2. Hands-On Exercise: Install Schema Registry
    3. Hands-On Exercise: Produce and Consume using Schema Registry
  5. Kafka Connect
    1. Introduction and use cases
    2. Kafka Connect Connectors
    3. Hands-On Exercise: Install Kafka Connect
    4. Hands-On Exercise: Use a Connector
  6. Kafka Streaming
    1. Introduction and Use Case
    2. Hands-On Exercise: Use Kafka Streams
  7. ksqlDB 
    1. Introduction and Use Case
    2. Hands-On Exercise: Use ksqlDB
  8. Kafka Security 
    1. Introduction
    2. Encryption and Authentication to Kafka Brokers
    3. Hands-on Exercise: Encryption and Authentication
    4. Authorization
    5. Hands-On Exercise: Authorization
    6. Zookeeper Security
  9. Kafka Monitoring Metrics 
    1. Kafka Audit Logs
    2. Kafka Metrics

Get started with Apache Kafka today. Buy the course online here or contact us for more information and corporate pricing. 

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