Elevating Your Software Development Strategy with Team Augmentation

Today, we’re diving into how team augmentation can really make a difference in your software development projects. We’ll look at how adding the right people to your team can boost innovation, speed, and know-how, all while keeping things flexible and efficient. Let’s explore how this can take your company’s software projects to the next level!

Understanding Team Augmentation for Software Development: A Dive into Flexibility and Expertise

Team augmentation, a dynamic approach to integrating external talent with your in-house team, becomes a game-changer in overcoming resource shortages, skill gaps, and project complexities. Navigate the dynamic landscape of software development with precision and flexibility.

Flexibility Advantage: Scaling, Specialized Skills, and Responsiveness to Market Changes

  • Adaptability to Project Needs: Embrace the flexibility of team augmentation to seamlessly scale your development team based on project requirements, ensuring your team is perfectly aligned with evolving scopes.
  • Access to Specialized Skills: Tap into a diverse pool of specialized skills available within augmented teams. Benefit from expertise in specific programming languages, frameworks, or technology stacks that align with your project’s unique demands.
  • Rapid Response to Market Changes: Achieve market responsiveness by quickly integrating new skill sets into your team. Team augmentation ensures that your projects remain agile and adaptable in the face of industry shifts.

Efficiency and Productivity: Accelerating Timelines and Reducing Recruitment Overheads

  • Faster Time-to-Market: Speed up your development timelines with the dynamic integration of external experts. Augmented teams contribute their skills, accelerating your time-to-market for software products.
  • Reduced Recruitment Time and Costs: Save on recruitment costs and minimize downtime by swiftly onboarding experienced professionals. Augmentation streamlines the process, enabling teams to focus on delivering high-quality solutions.

Ensuring Quality and Innovation: A Collaborative Journey with Fresh Perspectives

  • Fresh Perspectives and Ideas: Foster a collaborative environment where external talent injects fresh perspectives and innovative ideas into your projects. Experience creative solutions and enhanced problem-solving through the synergy of diverse skill sets.
  • Quality Assurance: Elevate your software quality with augmented teams boasting proven track records and industry experience. Team augmentation contributes to higher quality assurance standards, ensuring a robust end product.

Realizing Success Through Team Augmentation: Case Studies

Team Augmentation for Big Data and AI Company

One of our clients offering IT Services in the field of Big Data and AI, facing CKAN knowledge obstacles reached out to us. Keitaro was able to offer its expertise in development of custom CKAN functionalities and created a multilingual data portal with specific design and extensions, enabling content in hebrew and arabic, as well as in english. 

The initial collaboration started with assigning one senior engineer with vast experience in developing CKAN extensions. As the project progressed, two additional engineers were allocated (backend and frontend developers).

DevOps Team Augmentation for Telecom Company

Looking for an experienced DevOps team to create a centralized DevOps organization responsible for internal infrastructure, this Telecom Company reached out to Keitaro for a solution. Our team was able to help with setup of CI/CD pipelines and cloud infrastructure.

Allocating one of Keitaro’s most senior engineers, this collaboration that started off as a short term project, has developed into a long-term DevOps partnership and mentorship. Our consultant was responsible for setting up the internal infrastructure, improving the process and updating the technology used as a foundation for the company’s software and tools. 

The client was able to benefit immensely from this consultancy collaboration and improve internal processes, setting up new CI/CD pipelines and improving efficiency across the board. 

CKAN Upgrades for the Aquatic Research Institute 

Ever struggled with an almost unsolvable issue? So did our client in the Research Industry. Pinpointing several known issues on their CKAN portal, but not being able to fix themselves for a long time – talk about time and budget costs. 

Starting off our collaboration, we’ve dedicated one of our top CKAN engineers to this project, which later on was upgraded with two more developers. Our team was able to fill up the knowledge gap this company had regarding their CKAN platform, while upgrading it from CKAN 2.7 to CKAN 2.9 version. 

As said, “two birds with one stone”, Keitaro’s consultants were able to fix issues and provide valuable knowledge transfer to their internal development team. 

Telecommunication Provider and DevOps Consultancy

One of the key benefits of team augmentation is the fast implementation, knowledge transfer and support to your company’s internal teams. Keitaro was able to support one of the worlds’ biggest Telecommunication Providers in need of DevOps resources who would be able to support and maintain their complex infrastructure.

A team of 5 DevOps engineers were allocated to work alongside the company’s DevOps team, handling the deployments of every active development, monitoring the clusters, implementing new technologies and creating branching strategies. 

This collaboration was of great importance since all of the systems we’ve maintained and improved, are used by their customers. Ensuring that all applications run smoothly, at any given time was taken care of by our consultants. 


To summarize, adding the right mix of talent to your team can transform your projects, making them more flexible, efficient, and expertly driven. By integrating new skills and perspectives, you’re setting yourself up for success. Keep these strategies in mind to enhance your software development efforts. Let’s keep growing and achieving together!

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