Attending conferences is a gateway to staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving ecosystem in the dynamic world of JavaScript. Recently, I had the privilege of experiencing two exceptional conferences back-to-back: React Summit 2023 and JSNation Conference, both hosted in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

In this blog post, I will take you through these immersive events, highlighting the vibrant atmosphere, inspiring keynotes, engaging workshops, cutting-edge technology showcases, and the strong sense of community and inclusivity that made these conferences truly remarkable.

Captivating Experiences

I could feel the palpable energy in the air when I stepped into each conference venue. The React Summit 2023 boasted an impressive turnout of passionate developers, all eager to explore the latest trends and advancements in the React ecosystem. Similarly, the JSNation Conference united a diverse community of JavaScript enthusiasts, united by their shared love for the language. The vibrant atmosphere at both events created the perfect environment for networking, knowledge exchange, and forging new connections.

Inspiring Keynotes

Both conferences started with captivating keynotes delivered by renowned experts in the JavaScript community. Thought leaders shared their valuable insights, offering unique perspectives on the future of JavaScript, front-end development, and emerging technologies. From React-focused keynotes at React Summit to a broader range of JavaScript topics at JSNation, these presentations left attendees with renewed enthusiasm and many ideas to explore.

Engaging Workshops and Sessions

React Summit and JSNation both excelled in providing a wide array of workshops and sessions to cater to developers of all skill levels. Whether you were a beginner seeking foundational knowledge or an experienced practitioner aiming to fine-tune your skills, there were workshops and sessions tailored to your needs. These interactive sessions allowed participants to dive deep into various JavaScript concepts, frameworks, and tools, providing hands-on experiences that fostered a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Cutting-Edge Technology Showcases

Both conferences showcased the latest advancements in their respective areas of focus. React Summit featured companies and startups demonstrating innovative projects that pushed the boundaries of what can be achieved with React. Meanwhile, JSNation showcased a diverse range of technologies, frameworks, and tools, highlighting the incredible breadth of the JavaScript ecosystem. These showcases served as a source of inspiration, sparking discussions and fueling the attendees’ desire to explore new possibilities.

Networking Opportunities

Both React Summit and JSNation recognized the importance of networking and provided ample opportunities for attendees to connect with fellow developers, industry experts, and potential collaborators. The breaks between sessions and dedicated networking areas facilitated meaningful conversations, idea exchanges, and knowledge sharing. Engaging with individuals from different backgrounds and experiences expanded our professional networks and enriched our understanding of the JavaScript community as a whole.

Community and Inclusivity

A defining aspect of both conferences was their strong emphasis on community and inclusivity. The organizers ensured that the events were accessible to a diverse range of participants, fostering a safe and welcoming environment for all. Attendees were encouraged to share their perspectives, experiences, and ideas, creating an atmosphere of collaboration, respect, and mutual growth. The commitment to inclusivity in both events strengthened the sense of community, reminding us of the power of unity in driving innovation and progress.

Throughout React Summit 2023 and JSNation Conference, attendees were treated to many insightful and thought-provoking speeches. These talks showcased the expertise of industry leaders and covered a wide range of topics, empowering developers with valuable knowledge and inspiring new ideas.

Matteo Collina and Luca Maraschi delivered a captivating talk titled “APIs are Evolving. Again.” They retrospectively looked at the past decade of backend development and architectural patterns, reminding us of the lessons we can learn from “the good old days.” This insightful talk encouraged us to reconsider how we approach building applications, whether through monolithic structures, microservices systems, or something in between.

Luciano Mammino’s “JavaScript Iteration Protocols” talk at JSNation Conference was equally captivating. He explored the various ways to iterate with JavaScript and Node.js, delving into the synchronization and standardization of synchronous and asynchronous iteration through JavaScript’s iteration protocols. With engaging examples, Luciano demonstrated how to build iterators and iterable objects, showcasing the versatility and power of JavaScript’s iteration capabilities.

In his talk “AI and Web Development: Hype or Reality,” Wes Bos explored the intersection of AI and web development. This thought-provoking session at JSNation Conference shed light on the potential uses of AI in writing, understanding, and debugging code. Wes Bos delved into the growing integration of AI into web applications, discussing the opportunities and challenges it presents. He separated fact from fiction, offering insights into the real potential of AI in creating new web development frameworks and addressing concerns about its impact on productivity and job security.

Additionally, Hidde de Vries delivered a deep dive into the world of pop-ups in his talk, “Dialog Dilemmas and Modal Mischief.” His exploration at JSNation Conference shed light on the complexities and challenges surrounding the use of pop-ups in web development, providing valuable insights into best practices and potential pitfalls.

Lastly, Miško Hevery’s talk, “Building a Web-App: The Easy Path and the Performant Path. Why Are They Not the Same?” provided a thought-provoking analysis of developers’ trade-offs when building web applications. He highlighted the tension between the quick and easy and performant paths, urging developers to prioritize performance even when faced with time constraints. By challenging conventional thinking, Miško Hevery sparked a conversation about balancing ease of development with delivering performant web applications.

These speeches at React Summit 2023 and JSNation Conference exemplified the high caliber of content and the depth of knowledge shared by the speakers. They left attendees inspired, encouraged critical thinking, and provided practical insights that could be applied to their projects and development journeys.


Attending React Summit 2023 and JSNation Conference in Amsterdam was an experience I will cherish for years. These conferences provided valuable insights into the latest trends and advancements in the JavaScript ecosystem and fostered a strong sense of community, collaboration, and inclusivity. The vibrant atmosphere, inspiring keynotes, engaging workshops, cutting-edge technology showcases, and networking opportunities combined to create an unforgettable experience for all attendees. As we reflect on these events, we are reminded of the vital role conferences play in uniting the JavaScript community, inspiring innovation, and shaping the future of our beloved language.

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