Over 90% of enterprise companies have adopted open source saving them time and money. But there’s so much more to open source. Join Keitaro founder Marko Bocevski and FOSSA open source expert, Ryan Sheldrake, as they discuss the history and future of open source and how to maximize its value. In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Why is open source so popular
  • How companies are using open-source  
  • The importance of the open source community
  • Why Open Source is so Challenging to Manage
  • Why synchronous compliance is important
  • How does the landscape change….new attack techniques
  • How to save money and increase accuracy when auditing free and open source
  • The future of OSS

Register here to join us on November 12 (5pm CET) or watch it later available on-demand.

About the presenters:

Marko Bocevski, Founder of Keitaro 

Marko is the CTO and founder of Keitaro. Prior to Keitaro, he has held various technology and IT services leadership roles in global organizations with a strong go-to market and customer focus. With vast experience in open-source software, cloud solutions, application lifecycle management, and service management, he has been leading Keitaro’s successful growth since the start back in 2012.

Ryan Sheldrake, SE at FOSSA

Ryan is a technology evangelist and industry thought leader. Having worked in a multitude of roles in a career spanning 20+ years so far, from Operator to Principal Architect and across the financial, retail and defense verticals, he brings a wealth of knowledge about IT design and delivery. In recent years, Ryan has specialized in Software Composition Analysis. He’ll tell you he’s done it longer than the name exists, too!* Still hands-on, creating prototypes, building hundreds of CI/CD pipelines per year, Ryan is a leading expert in the Open Source Management world.

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