My name is Greg Gibbs, and I am an 18 year old student at the University of Bristol. I joined Keitaro back in March 2021, and I am currently a back-end developer at Keitaro, where I work on open-source projects, mainly handling bugs and other issues.

Connecting personal challenges with charity

A couple months back I decided to get fitter, and at the same time raise money for the British heart foundation by running 100km over April. I had picked to raise money for the British heart foundation for the simple reason of a close family member of mine having had a past of a severe heart attack, and wanted to do all that I could in aiding towards the research into that area. My plan initially was to run 20x5km over the month, however, as I became fitter and more confident with my stamina I ended up running the last 40km in increments of 4x10km, and hence finishing the challenge a lot earlier than expected. 

How you can join

Facebook! Charities will post all sorts of ways for people to raise money/donate on their social media platforms. That is how I found out about the 100km over April challenge. In order for me to track my runs, I found that using Strava had the most accurate tracker on it. 

Final thoughts

Doing this challenge has made me realise just how much I enjoy running, and has pushed me to run another 120km in May. Since then I have lost about 20kg and am as healthy as I have ever been. I think that everyone should participate in such a challenge as you are doing good for yourself, and at the same time raising money for someone in need.

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