Starting today, Keitaro and Source Code Control are kicking-off a challenge for all of you who are using open source code. 

Let’s begin with a simple, yet difficult to answer question: How clean is your code?

We can help you find out, and not just that, but learn more how to ensure your code stays clean.

Take our spring cleaning challenge to help identify your code’s health across multiple critical factors including: complexity, security, and ensuring you don’t have unknown copyright obligations. This is relevant to companies with one or more software asset components developed internally or procured from suppliers.

Why it matters? 

In our experience companies that take a proactive approach to code management get products to market faster, win more business, and can sell their company with fewer roadblocks.

Unhealthy code (i.e. code that is overly complex, has security issues etc.) can cause a product release or sale to be blocked, delayed, or devalued. 

Join the challenge

It takes less than 10 minutes and could save you hours of work and money in the future. Click here to start!

As part of the challenge there is an opportunity to sign up for the above offerings.  This challenge will be run for a limited time, don’t miss out!  Feel free to share.  

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