Do your legacy applications stand up to your current and future business requirements? Were they built years ago based on your business requirements at that time? If you are struggling with current applications and they are holding you back from working faster and more efficiently, there is a solution. 

Application modernization is a journey designed to create new business value from existing applications by upgrading them with new features and capabilities. You may provide the newest functionality by migrating apps which better fit with what your business needs to thrive.

It can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive operation to keep applications running smoothly while also being able to meet present-day needs. When software becomes so obsolete that it may not even be compatible with new technologies, that is usually the case.

Top reasons why you should modernize your application 

Application modernization allows any organization to preserve their investments and increase their portfolio, by taking advantage of contemporary tools, infrastructure, languages and other tech innovations. Among other benefits, a robust application modernization strategy can decrease the resources needed to run any application, increase the frequency of deployments, and improve uptime. As a result, a modernization plan for an application is a common feature of the overall digital transformation strategy of any organization.

Additionally, application modernization has a direct impact on: 

  • User satisfaction; The already proven correlation between the user satisfaction and revenue growth is the main character in application modernization too. The process improves the user experience which can open new opportunities for an organization on the competitive edge. 
  • Cost-effectiveness; From reducing resources for smoothly running the applications, faster build of new features,  to using automation tools, the process results with a leaner budget.  
  • Agility and speed; The application modernization provides teams with more speed and agility for building and delivering features and applications. Therefore, their competitive advantage is exposed to the market and products or solutions are delivered faster, to fill in the market gap. 

The Process 

The most important way to start any application modernization project is with a strategy and prepared approach for the journey. Modernization strategies can include re-platforming, re-hosting, re-coding, re-factoring, re-architecting, re-building, or the replacement and retirement of your legacy systems.

  1. Assess

In the first step learn more about the health of the application. Conclude which factors impact the strategy, are there any constraints influencing the future development and get insights on the way forward. 

  1. Consult

You don’t always need to start from scratch in order to innovate. All you need is to find the main points for innovation in your existing applications and work with an experienced partner or consultant.

  1. Protect

Make sure to protect and optimize your investment in a modernized solution, by choosing the right tools, hiring the right service provider or consultant, and following each step of the process.

  1. Improve

Modernised applications have the potential to utilise their capabilities and focus on delivering a service that will provide additional value to your business.  In order to optimize the value for the money without affecting the efficiency of the service, the application should be improved by putting the focus on its accessibility and elasticity. 

  1. Move to the cloud

Move your software to the cloud (Azure, AWS of GC) by using the already proven best-practice approaches. Leverage the most appropriate model for high volume, the best workflows and design for complex systems according to your preferences.

  1. Partner up with an experienced team

Facing a risk? Share or assign risk and operational responsibility to a team with demonstrated experience in customer security service, management, and optimization of the cloud and infrastructure.

Final thoughts

Companies want IT that pushes services and margins whilst having the ability to find new opportunities and close them. As businesses grow systems need to be able to grow with them and allow them to meet legislation and regulations requirements.  

Keitaro’s cutting edge approach to Application Modernisation can drive your business forward and take you into the future with peace of mind knowing that you are ready for the challenges that lie ahead. 

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