As the Coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic in the UK changes daily we need to act as a nation. Help the NHS to understand how many people in their area are self isolating (or in lockdown) what their symptoms are and what the potential strain on the UK’s NHS services could escalate to.


“There has not been a time in history when we have been threatened by a pandemic virus in the way that Covid-19 threatens our world today. The prosperity of our health service is dependent on the accuracy of data, the data can only be provided by us, the citizens!”. With this sentence, Chairs of Code for Ethics 2020, Mark and Barrie have asked us all to help overcome this pandemic by providing valuable information. We at Keitaro instantly decided to support this project and put our technical skills to help the community.

Our tech team worked tirelessly and created a data capture tool that allows citizens across the UK to propagate the information required for the NHS and emergency workers, allowing them to closely and accurately forecast the potential need for handling the coronavirus outbreak.

Our goal

The goal is to assist NHS trusts to understand how this pandemic is driving forward, but also to help you, the citizens of the UK to understand how both the area you live in, and the areas that your family and loved ones reside are affected by this pandemic.

What is the data being used for?

As the World Health Organisation has announced, the overriding strategy to limit the damage and beat this pandemic is to flatten the curve and raise the line of spreading the virus. In order to do that more efficiently, not only should we follow WHO’s safety recommendations, but we need to be well informed as well, which is why all the data we collect is processed and displayed within this website so that everyone can see the growth of the pandemic and areas of isolation and filter by different parameters. The site is totally free, Open and transparent to everyone, globally.

How you can help

We can all help our hospitals, health workers and government by sharing a small amount of data and completing the 30 second form. It’s totally anonymous and will help us produce the necessary data to save lives!

You can also assist us in distributing the message by sharing the link on your social media and ensuring that everyone within your reach can benefit from it.

What comes next

In the following weeks we will continue working with Code for Ethics to expand this tool and cover more affected areas.

In the meantime, stay safe and practice social distancing!




Disclaimer: No personal individual data will be collected and the form is in complete anonymity. This service is given free of charge and no company or organisation will profit from you taking the time to complete this form.

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