Amplus is not just another run of the mill data platform. It is a fully managed solution that will change the way that both you and your organization look at and use data, forever.

Data-driven operations have become part of every modern institution. Adjusting to today’s fast-moving world requires a shift in organizations’ efficiency in data management. That’s why we dedicated our experience and technical expertise into an innovative data-powered platform called Amplus!

Amplus is a secure data management platform, that can drastically change the way a company or government institution operates. It increases the value of data by transforming it into useful insights.

Our goal is to enable companies and institutions to systematically organize and use their data, through a single intuitive portal. We created a solution that will connect the data management needs of governments and businesses, while at the same time cater to their specific requirements.

Amplus for Governments

For government institutions, being honest and transparent is one of the key steps to maintaining long-term public and institutional support. Amplus for Governments is a simple tool kit that can facilitate the needs of either a government starting the Open Data path or one that is matured and needs to continue accuracy.

The platform provides:

  • Public transparency
  • Security and user integration
  • Fully automated processes
  • Tools to transform information into actionable insights
  • Vehicle for improved Community engagement
  • Options enabling visualization of data
  • Improved operations and productivity
  • Platform that helps to build trust among the citizens or external stakeholders

Amplus for Companies

For companies that want to be the leader in their industry, a state of the art tool like Amplus is a major step forward. Amplus will change a company’s data processes, streamline decision-making processes and deliver quality data insights. Amplus for Companies is a proven platform that will improve efficiency, align corporate governance and ensure continuous improvement of the collaboration between employees and departments.

The platform provides:

  • Cataloging Data
  • Systematic data organization
  • Security and user integration
  • Improved efficiency and collaboration between internal departments
  • Greater cost-benefit
  • Transformation of information into actionable insights
  • Platform that enables data-driven goals and performance measurement
  • Tools that automate data preparation – management tasks


Whether government or company, Amplus facilitates the data management process and helps to improve the progress of the internal operations on a daily and long-term basis. The platform allows public data to be visually shared with the community, while internal data access can be restricted to certain employees only, customized according to the needs of the organization. 

Let us take care of you by taking care of your data. Visit and sign up for a one-month free trial.

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