eHealth Africa (eHA) is an organization committed to improving health conditions for the people of West Africa. Their mission is to build stronger health systems through the design and implementation of data-driven solutions,  responding to local needs and providing underserved communities with tools in order to lead healthier lives. eHealth Africa and Keitaro have entered into a new agreement, continuing an ongoing engagement utilising a combination of highly skilled Keitaro technical resources in the pursuit of this important mission.

eHealth Africa leverages the power of technology, making a transformational difference in health systems that can change lives in the communities they serve. Working with eHA, Keitaro is developing robust tools that aid public officials and government agencies in data-driven decision-making, project planning and implementation.

Keitaro is proud to be a strategic member of the eHealth Africa team, helping to make the world a better place.

About Marko Bocevski

CTO at Keitaro