Ckan Charts

This extension opens up a plethora of possibilities for CKAN users, enabling them to seamlessly integrate captivating and interactive charts directly into their applications. Gone are the days of static data representations; Ckan Charts empowers users to create dynamic visualizations that breathe life into their datasets.From line charts to bar graphs, scatter plots to pie charts, the extension offers a wide range of options to cater to diverse data visualization needs.


To install ckanext-c3charts:

Activate your CKAN virtual environment, for example:

. /usr/lib/ckan/default/bin/activate

Install the ckanext-c3charts Python package into your virtual environment:

pip install ckanext-c3charts

Add c3charts to the ckan.plugins setting in your CKAN config file (by default the config file is located at /etc/ckan/default/production.ini).

Restart CKAN. For example if you’ve deployed CKAN with Apache on Ubuntu:

sudo service apache2 reload

Config settings

None at present

Development Installation

To install ckanext-c3charts for development, activate your CKAN virtualenv and do:

git clone
cd ckanext-c3charts
python develop
pip install -r dev-requirements.txt


To run the tests, do:

pytest --ckan-ini=test.ini --cov=ckanext.c3charts --disable-warnings ckanext/c3charts/tests


Ckan Charts revolutionizes the way we interact with data in CKAN applications.

Whether you’re aiming to enhance decision-making processes, present data-driven reports, or engage stakeholders with visually appealing dashboards, Ckan Charts proves to be an indispensable asset in the CKAN ecosystem.

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