Modern Apps Delivery

At Keitaro, we design and build modern apps in a platform-independent way. Our modern applications support all types of devices, from phones to tablets to laptops to desktop computers, on all platforms. We provide first-class support for touch, keyboard, and mouse scenarios.

The method of finding a solution to business problems is something that Keitaro excels at. Our extensive knowledge of Docker as primary software for modern applications delivery has gathered a few benefits, which improve the process of delivery and its quality.

The integrated suite, built on the base of containers, provides a defined and isolated environment, with low overhead of running a container process. Keitaro provides applications that solve customers problems and improve secure data accessibility, data entry automation and testing and customer service at scale.

Solutions based and delivered on a modern development model, provide benefits as open collaboration, speed and flexibility as final results in the organization’s operations.

Platform independent

Modern development model

Open, fast and flexible